How to Pass WAEC Examination 2020

How to Pass WAEC Examination
How to Pass WAEC Examination

As we all know, WAEC is the biggest Examination is the whole of West Africa because it does not only have to do with Nigeria alone but it has to do with the whole West African countries.

Failing this particular examination is just like a sickness ad you won’t be able to get access to any higher institutions except with an alternative examination like NECO, GCE etc.

This is a stage where you’ll say goodbye to secondary school and the WAEC examination is an examination that prepares you for the future of your high institution.

Below I have made few things that all candidates needs to do in other to pass their Examinations very well and come out with flying colors.

Few Things You Should Take noted off as WAEC Commence

Listed below are things student are to take serious.

1. Pray

Whether you are a Christian or a Muslim, there is one common things that links to religion and that is prayer and believing.

There is nothing you can do without prayer, prayer holds the key to every success and in this particular time there is a need to pray very well as there is mostly cases of missing exam answer booklet. Here is where your prayers will work, against missing script and a good examination invigilator.

2. Constant Reading

The true is that even after you pray your way out, your prayers won’t be effective if you don’t read your books, yes you read what I wrote well. Without constant reading of your books during this period, then you are beginning to invite failure.

Therehave been many months now where student haven’t gone to school and many didn’t take the advantage of studying their books rather they happily seat to watch movies, chats and play games at home.

This period you’ll have to double your reading.

3. Pay Less Attention to Movies

As I said, you have to constantly read so as to record victory. In doing so, there are many sacrifices that comes along with it and the major is give less or no attention to watch of movies and other associated TV series.

Frequent watching of movies will be another big distraction to your examination and your reading time.

4. Create a Physical Study Group with other WAEC candidates.

This has always been of great help to every examination candidates not just to WAEC alone. If there are others in your area writing WAEC, try to create a study group where you and your Exam mates will study and help each other out.

5. Do not be Shy.

Please when studying and you find something difficult, do well to ask others for more clarification as it helps alot.

6. Develop Courage

Courage is one thing that helps a lot, try to develop the courage to face all subjects without fear and you’ll make Victory.
If you are not a WAEC Candidate and you see this, please relate it to WAEC candidates in other to help them.

With all the above listed instructions, I believe you’ve know the steps on how to Pass WAEC Examination.

How to Pass WAEC Examination

I wish all of you goodluck and all the best in your examination.

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How to Pass WAEC Examination

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